About me

Daniel McFarline currently lives in Scotland, former QA tester at Rockstar North and Realtime Worlds, currently a System Test


A mysterious number.. A sinister TV show on late at night… Can you survive…555-Skeleton?   555-SKELETON is a

Beatrix: Battle Dentist

Beatrix: Battle Dentist is an educational shoot ’em up for kids of all ages Learn all about Dental Hygiene while you fig

Christmas Alpaca Adventure

A short Christmas themed two button platform game Santa has to eat gold once a year to give him his magic powers. Every Chri

Farmvasion 2133

Two-button shoot-em-up action! Harvest Space Wheat for points while fighting off alien pests Unlock new characters and levels!

Finish Him!

On a Ninja’s 18th Birthday, they are judged by the Ninja King worthy Ninja Kids are welcomed to the ranks of the Ninja E

Floppy King

Floppy King, a one-button jumping game, was created for Adult Swim’s animated series ‘King Star King’ When t


Can you help JetPaca the jet powered Alpaca escape the pit of monsters? A one button vertical action game! Music: Riding On A


Jump, dodge and explore in the search for your Owlfriend who has been kidnapped by Wizzord the magic space frog! Playing as La

LaserCat’s Halloween Deadventure

LaserCat’s Halloween Deadventure is a spinoff of the original LaserCat, created for Halloween 2012 LaserCat and Owl are


Dukk jumping action! How high can make dukk jump? Avoid the deadly deadly lava A one button jumping adventure! Tap once to set


Enjoy the magic and mystery of MAz3D screensaver No sound, no controls, just sit back and wonder at MAz3D Play or download on


Mother can fly through the sky Mother has a long sticky tongue Mother is good to her children Mother likes to eat crunchy huma

Old Man’s Drive: Infinite Galactic Golf

It’s what every retired Space Adventurer dreams of: Exploring the galaxy in search of the greatest pastime known to civi


After many years of intense study you have finally mastered the Magical Art of Pizzamancy! By harnessing the raw elemental pow


PizzaWizard+ is the enhanced update to PizzaWizard, featuring new graphics, gameplay modes, music and even more pizza magic! F


RUST is an FPS I created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26, inspired by games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Download on itch.io


Notebook Doodles come to life in ScribbleSlime! Jump and bounce around a hastily scribbled arena and eat as much tasty junkfoo

Serf’s Up

Can you prevent the Kingdom from falling into chaos for 30 seconds? Find out in Serf’s Up! Judge the peasantry, do you p


SpaceWrestler XL: an intergalactic body-slamming rampage! The new beefed-up version of SpaceWrestler! New and improved gamepla


How long can you keep a lost flock of Nachos survive in an endless deadly void? The more Nachos that you keep in one piece, th


‘Mad Meteor’ Mike has dedicated his life to becoming the best wrestler in the world Unfortunately, he hasn’t