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Xbox 360 indie game available on the xbox marketplace

Jump, dodge and explore in the search for your Owlfriend who has been kidnapped by Wizzord the magic space frog!

Playing as LaserCat, you need find all of the keys in the fortress to unlock Owl’s prison cell.

A retro styled exploration platform game featuring 225 rooms filled with traps, creatures and deadly, deadly lava.

  • Appeared on EGM editor Eric L. Patterson’s personal GOTY list for 2011
  • “If you liked Saints Row: The Third…You might want to try: LaserCat”- Official Xbox Magazine Online
  • “If you’re looking for a quick and cute platformer, you cannot go wrong with LaserCat”-
  • “Lasercat ticks all the boxes necessary for it to become a bona fide hit.”-
  • “an excellent 2D platformer which will bring back memories of Jet Set Willy”-
  • “Things I like about #XBLIG LaserCat #1: It has no zombies, except in a trivia question.”-
  • “LaserCat is the best game this month by a country mile. Or a normal mile. I don’t know what a country mile actually is, so whatever’s longer”-
  • Awarded XBLI game of the week on
  • Awarded XBLI game of the month on

Music by Kevin MacLeod